God Bless

Men’s winter collection inspired by the lives of people in the US …. I perceive America like a decadent, egoistic and nihilistic society still face to face to own extinction. It is amazing how far liberal fanaticism and irresponsibility for owns actions and opinions can lead to atomization and loss of the instinct for self-preservation of the whole society. I wanted to reflect it somehow. And to say in some way that „We like Europe must go in a different direction“ Our fate could be similar. Problems such as climate fanaticism, homelessness, feminism, blaming white men, discussing about the legalization of pedophilia, hate speach as a modern Witch Hammer, stigmatization, emotional incontinence, vulgarity and narcissism instead of culture.

This text and the whole collection are not intended to be theatrical pounding alarms and shouting about the end of the Western world. On the contrary, it is a call for defense and a necessary cultural renaissance and a publicly understandable development of Western art.

Thematically, I chose the 1990s, the Clinton period, the cultural and economic climax of the USA. As a Nirvana fan, I conceived it as a grunge / rock collection, created using upcycling and garment deconstruction.

The reason I made such a decision is the behavior of Americans towards nature and the famous, extraordinary consumption of anything. Resignation of integrity and a higher sense of life in the name of drugs and cheap sex.